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Below is the application form for crafters as well as general information about the Craft Fair. To download a PDF of this form, please click here: 


First Presbyterian Church of Jonesboro

1842 Lake Jodeco Rd. Jonesboro, GA 30236

October 8, 2022   10am-4pm




Crafter’s Name(s) and address:






Telephone:     Day: _____________________ Evening: ___________________


Email: ___________________________________________________________

(All correspondence will be via email, unless otherwise requested)


Please describe all items to be sold and Enclose Photos:






Will you donate an item for a prize drawing?  _______________


Full Space  $30 (outside) $35 (inside) x _____ = _____ (inside spaces limited)

6’ Table       $5x _____ = _____ (limited number available)

Electricity   $10 _____=______ (These spaces are inside and limited; participants must provide their own extension cords)


Please return your application with your check or money order for the total amount made payable to FPC Jonesboro by September 2nd. Send payments to 1842 Lake Jodeco Road, Jonesboro, GA 30236.


Information and Guidelines for FPCJ’s Craft Bazaar Participants


Each crafter will be provided with a 12’ x 12’ space.  Please keep everything in your assigned space.


Participants must provide their own tent, table (unless rented from FPCJ), chairs, supplies, etc.  Your tent must be “weighted down” in case of wind/inclement weather. 


Set up time it 7am-9am the day of the bazaar.  You will need to quickly unload your merchandise, etc. and move your vehicle to the participant parking area.  No RVs, campers or trailers may park overnight.


No flea market items or food for immediate consumption allowed.


To prevent duplication and offer a wider variety of items, the hosting committee must approve all items.  Anything deemed inappropriate for church will not be accepted.


Children must be under adult supervision at all times.


Pets are allowed (outside only) as long as they are leashed. 


Participant packets will be handed out when you arrive.  These will include: Wi-Fi passwords; a map of the event; parking pass; coupon for 1 donut/cup of coffee per person working in your booth; garbage bag (please clean up your area and leave the bag tied for pick up.


Concession stand will be provided by the church. 


This is a “rain or shine” event; fees are non-refundable.


If you have questions or special needs, please email the church:

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